When I first got into a relationship with Jesus, I had a friend that became so mean and condescending to me. Before I was in a relationship with Him, we were cool and would kick it pretty much everyday. But then, afterward, she spoke negatively about me to other people and said a lot of hurtful things to my face. I couldn't understand why... All I knew was that it was super hurtful and heartbreaking.

My mentor kept telling me "Pray for her.. Pray for her!" I was like "Ummmm..... NO! Whyyyyyy would I do that🙄😳🤔?!... AND if I do pray for her... it won't be the kind of prayer you were thinking of🙆🙋... #firefromheaven🔥☄️ #IJS🤷‍♀️" He contiunued: "...praying for those that mistreat you is winning the true battle. This situation is not physical, it's 💯spiritual. This battle is not agianst your friend, it's against the enemy who is using your friend. We don't battle against flesh and blood but against power and principalities of this darkness. Basically- you're beef is not with the person-- but with the devil."

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