Hey there, Everybody!!

So in 2015, I found myself getting really bored in my devotion time.

(Note: this has happened more than once, but let's just talk about this one time)

I pretty much dredded it and wanted to do something fun instead.

But, then I would find myself craving that quality time with God but would rather stick a needle through my eye than go back to doing the same thing, the same devotional method. I was fed up so I decided to pray about it.

I decided to pray and ask God for the devotional method that was best for me. Something that I would enjoy with Him and be responsive to. He answered.

I went to my local Family Christian store to get a christian coloring book and the associate there told me about this thing called "Bile Journaling". I was like "huh?" But she told me to go look it up on Pinterest and I feel like I was forever changed.

It's this creative process where the artist gets to express the scripture visually. Here are some examples:


Pinterest: Briah Bat Aryeh

Pinterest: Ronnie Sinatra

Aren't those beautiful?!

Last year, I recorded a walk through of my journal entires and put it on YouTube. I want to share that video with you guys. Here it is, below:

Talk to y'all later!



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