Robe of Righteousness

God loves you so much😍😍, He's draped you in a "Robe of Righteousness". Every time He looks at you, He sees this robe. You are completely GOOD according to Him and their is nothing you can do to change that. And GET THIS!!! There's a benefit package that come with being "RIGHTEOUS"

1) The RIGHTEOUS shall dwell in the Presence of God (Ps 140:13)

2) God supplies the needs of the Righteous (Ps 37:25)

3) The RIGHTEOUS are bold (Prov 28:1)

4) God hears the prayers of the Righteous (James 5:16) and so much more.. Talk about an EPIC gift with purchase. Because of Christ, YOU are GOOD with God (2 Cor 5:21) Nothing you can do to add to it. Rest in that😉

Originally posted to Instagram September 2016



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